Whether you want to build muscle, drop body fat, or gain strength, increase cardiovascular fitness or run 5K in a set time, everyone is looking for RESULTS. If you’re curious about how your body responds to exercise (and how long it takes to see changes), then read on…

Just remember that to get results, you need to do ‘regular physical activity’. Yep regular, you can’t just wing it, a few days here, a week or so off etc, it requires consistency over time & a lot of patience 

So How Long Does It Really Take Take To See Results?

Heart Rate – Changes Within A Couple Of Weeks

Blood Pressure – Changes In A Few Weeks

Aerobic Fitness (Aka Vo2max)– Changes In A Month Or Two

Strength – Expect To See Small Changes In The First Few Weeks

Muscle Gain – Expect Small Changes Within The First 3-6 Months

Fat Loss – Results Within Weeks (When Combined With Correct Nutrition)

Mental Health – Changes In As Little As 10 Minutes!

Things To Remember

  • It’s important to focus on enjoying the physical activity you do. Exercise isn’t just a way to lose weight or reduce high blood pressure!
  • Find something that you’re excited by and motivated to do. That might be social netball or a class at your local gym, personal training, or a new program. If you’re looking forward to it then there’s a greater chance you will stick to it over the long-term.
  • Make a plan – yes, I know I say this all the time but have a program written for you with progressive overload, so you have goals to kick off weekly, monthly or have regular personal training.
  • Get friends and family involved – it’ll help you to achieve your goals and make your healthy lifestyle much easier when everyone’s on board.

Moral of the story results take time, they require patience & consistency & I see more people quit & try something new before they’ve given something a decent try. Stop searching for a better way and just stick with something, because no matter what it is if you stick with it you will  get results no matter what.

Love Tam x


Tam Kerr is a health & wellness coach and is passionate about creating positive healthy change in people’s lives. Tam loves creating strong bodies alongside strong minds and believes that our health is the most important part of our lives and should be given our greatest amount of attention. Tam is the founder of Tam Tribe, a community that is inspire people to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself

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Photo: Unsplash – Dallas Morgan