There is something magical about a new year,

A fresh energy and a blank canvas of possibility, with hopefulness in the air, like everything is new.

There’s a lightness, where we feel we can put aside any heaviness of the year that’s past and start again.

In actuality, it’s just another day, however, we step into a new mindset, like we can let go of anything that has taken place in the previous year, into a new beginning.

I’ve been reflecting on this, as I was thinking, how do we allow that lightness and sense of possibility to move throughout the rest of the year; not just on the first few days of January, when we get back into work and the day to day normalcy of life?

We always have choice

One of the key things to remember is that we always have the opportunity to begin again.

That every morning is a brand new day, you can make new decisions, new choices, change patterns, directions, and there are always new possibilities.

One of the benefits of mindfulness is to wake up and be in that moment and come from that point of presence.  No matter what is going in your life, you don’t have to live from the events of the past, or even be the same person that you were yesterday; in fact, we’re all changing subtly on a daily basis shaped by our experiences.

Even if there is something that you want to change, but you can’t right now, you can choose how you view it differently.  Perhaps you can develop more acceptance around it, or decide to come from love towards a situation rather than fear?  Or maybe it’s time to take action if there is a possibility of approaching it in a different way?

Every day is a fresh new opportunity.  

Set your intentions from how you want to feel

I always like to ask myself at the beginning of each year:

“How do I want to feel this year?”

“How do I want to show up as a person?”

“What is my heart calling me to do?”

We often set our goals from the mind, and what we think we should achieve, and while having goals and intentions are important, I always like to make them from a  heart connection of how I want to feel.

For example, if you want to feel grounded, strong, and peaceful.  What do you need to do to be able to feel that?  

If you want to feel the freedom of travel, what can you do to achieve this?  Or if you want to feel more connection with others, what opportunities are there for you to create this?

When we come from the heart and how we want to feel, and constantly check in with this as we move through the year ahead, adjusting our course if need be, we allow more flow and can tend to stay in more alignment with our hearts calling. 

Allow flow

You may set yourself an intention or a goal, that when you actually begin it or have moved into it, doesn’t feel right to you.  This is where it’s beneficial to remember the choice element of each day, and that you can choose again.

There’s no point hanging on to it if it’s not aligning with where you are at today.  Or perhaps there’s a way of doing it differently so it can still work, but just not in the form you thought it would take originally.   

Also, do your best to stay out of judgement if things don’t go to plan.  When we set our goals from a point of I ‘must’ do this, or to do it a particular way, we can set ourselves up for a bit of disappointment, or a feeling of failure, if things go awry.

Maybe it just needs to be shifted, or approached from a slightly different angle, so you can still achieve your dreams and intentions, without giving up if you hit a hurdle.  

Alternatively, perhaps you are incredibly determined for something to go a certain way, that you get so caught up in trying to control an outcome, that you are constantly filled with anxiety with the way things ‘should’ be, that you step out of the flow, and also the possibility for things to evolve in a way that you might never have been able to plan or expect.

There is a beautiful saying “to follow charm”, what is charming for you each day, what feels right?  Where do you want to put your energy?   The more you can allow yourself to be open to flow, with more peace and ease, you invite more possibility, and you also see more opportunity than just a narrow focus.

There is always a way through

As with every year, there will be challenges and situations that you never expected.  Change may come about, and you might have wanted to stay in a place that felt safe.  Or perhaps you experience the loss of a loved one, or you lose a job or have health issues. 

When we’re stuck in the muck it can feel overwhelming, you may like to read my article Managing The Vulnerability Of Being Human, that discusses how we can move through difficult times with more ease and resilience. 

There is always a way through to the other side, and some of our biggest growth and learning arises through our challenges; and when you do get to that other side, it carries in a whole new energy, and another fresh beginning.  

Trust in the timing of your life

We often struggle with the timing of life, rather than allowing it to naturally unfold, seeing what is right now, as a part of the unfolding. 

Could you see that the times when you don’t have what you want, as the time to prepare yourself for when those things evolve?

We often project our happiness on a reality outside of ourselves, that will take place in the future when we have something different to what we have now.  

However, you don’t have to wait for the future to gain the gifts of the present.  Every milestone, relationship, confrontation, encounter, can change you and be a generous contribution to the journey of your year.

You can choose how open your heart is, how fearlessly you are willing to take on every day of your life (even in its difficulties), how enthusiastic, how loving, and how much you bring to each moment.

Even if at that point in time, all you can do is just take one small step forward.  Then in the next moment, asking what else can I do?  

With each step, trusting that life is here for you, that all is evolving as it should, in divine timing.

Return to the breath

It can be incredibly healing and reassuring when we remember to breathe deeply, to calm our nervous systems on a regular basis, and just feeling that aliveness within our body. 

The breath is a constant reminder of the life force within us, it’s flow represents the constant movement and cycles we are experiencing every day, and in each moment.  

Every breath is a new breath, new fresh air, and new energy moving into the body.  

There’s a saying I love, “If you wake up each morning and you’re breathing, then it’s a good day”.

The simplicity of this is so touching, and a beautiful affirmation of life.

So hold on lightly to this year ahead, bring in a lightness of spirit to move through it with ease, peace, and grace, remembering you always have a choice, and that there is always new opportunities and possibilities ahead, no matter where you are now, or where life takes you.

Enjoy the journey.


Sacha Stewart is a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, with a background in holistic life coaching and nutrition. After working as a producer in the advertising and film industry for 20 years, she began retraining at the beginning of 2013. After discovering the tools of Kinesiology, and the power of Mind Body Medicine, when they helped her to uncover her own subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and also health issues; they empowered her to move forward to greater wellbeing, and lead her to dive deeper into these modalities so she can assist others. 

Photo: Unsplash – Cristian Escobar